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30 March 2020

“Providing an understanding of mental health consumer and carer needs, issues and solutions.”

The National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum (NMHCCF) is a combined national voice for mental health consumers and carers. We listen, learn, influence and advocate in matters of mental health reform.  

The NMHCCF was established in 2002 by the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council and reports to Australian Health Ministers through the Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Principal Committee.

Funding is provided by the Australian Government and state and territory governments.

NMHCCF members represent mental health consumers and carers on a large number of national bodies, including government committees and advisory groups, professional bodies and other consultative forums and events. 

Members use their lived experience, understanding of the mental health system and communication skills to advocate and promote the issues and concerns of consumers and carers.

The NMHCCF has 28 members of which 14 are mental health consumers and 14 are mental health carers. These members comprise:

  • one consumer and one carer representative nominated by each state and territory; and
  • consumer and carer representatives from each of the following national projects/organisations:
    • blueVoices, the consumer and carer reference group for Beyond Blue
    • Carers Australia
    • Consumers Health Forum of Australia
    • Grow Australia
    • Mental Health Carers Australia
    • Lived Experience Australia
    • Embrace Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Mental Health Consumer and Carer Group 

The NMHCCF representatives are:

ACT Consumer Paul Thompson
ACT Carer Joanna Bartholomaeus
NSW Consumer Vacant
NSW Carer Eileen McDonald
NT Consumer Helen Day (Consumer Co-Chair)
NT Carer Rosalyn Havard (Deputy Carer Co-Chair)
QLD Consumer Jordan Frith (Deputy Consumer Co-Chair)
QLD Carer  Cindy Heddle (Carer Ordinary Exec Member)
SA Consumer Lyn English 
SA Carer Sarah Sutton
TAS Consumer Monica Hastings
TAS Carer Aislin Gleeson
VIC Consumer Keir Saltmarsh
VIC Carer Katrina Clarke
WA Consumer Carli Sheers (Consumer Ordinary Exec Member)
WA Carer Ron Deng
blueVoices Consumer Vacant
blueVoices Carer Andrew Pryor
Carers Australia Peter Heggie
Consumers Health Forum of Australia Heather Nowak 
Grow Australia Vacant
Mental Health Carers Australia Kerry Hawkins (Carer Co-Chair)
Lived Experience Australia Consumer Joanne Khan
Lived Experience Australia Carer Sharon Lawn
Embrace CALD Consumer Lew Ching Yip
Embrace CALD Carer John Yusuf