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Vision & Mission

19 March 2020

The National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum (NMHCCF) is a combined national voice for mental health consumers and carers. We listen, learn, influence and advocate in matters of mental health reform.

NMHCCF members represent mental health consumers and carers on a large number of national bodies, including government committees and advisory groups, professional bodies and other consultative forums and events.

Members use their lived experience, understanding of the mental health system and communication skills to advocate and promote the issues and concerns of consumers and carers.


  • to the issues and concerns of consumers and carers.


  • to identify and promote good and ethical mental health practices and initiatives;
  • about mental health services and programs, national and jurisdicional plans, Acts and strategies;
  • by developing an understanding of what is happening in mental health in each jurisdiction, and nationally/internationally.


  • by providing an informed, strong and unified voice to government, the mental health sector and other identified stakeholders;
  • by ensuring that issues and concerns are acknowledged and addressed as part of the national policy development process in Australia.


  • by enhancing, promoting and progressing genuine national partnerships and inclusion;
  • the capacity of individuals to advocate for and participate in all decisions that impact on their lives.

Based on our knowledge of consumer and carer issues, we produce a number of publications on matters important to consumers and carers written from their perspective. These include:

We also use our skills and resources as representatives on national committees and working groups.