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Hayley Solich

Representative Title: Western Australia Carer Representative
Membership Type: Carer
Biography: Life serves us lemons and invites us to make lemonade. Experiencing complex trauma spanning five decades, Hayley has become an expert lemonade maker. Through her recovery from trauma, she has learned the skills of resilience, resourcefulness, advocacy and self-care, transforming her scars into stars.

Awarded Community Citizen of the Year for City of Stirling 2019 and the WA Mental Health Award’s LifePath Psychology Consumer Impact Inspiration Award 2019, Hayley was also a finalist in the 2021 WA Health Consumer Awards.

Hayley says that she has come to realise that she is one of the lucky ones. She says, "I didn’t chuck it in when I danced with the darkness. I opened my arms when trauma told me to shut others out. And I found my voice when I had been conditioned to not speak up. And so, I stand proud as a survivor of trauma and a thriver in life who will not be silenced again."

As the current Deputy Carer Co-Chair and Executive Member, Hayley is focused on providing leadership by example. She participates in local, state and national committees and working parties, as well as working in the peer workspace. Hayley is influencing change in mental health processes and practices from the inside out and empowering others to find their voice.