Launch: 'What you may not know about antipsychotics'

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The NMHCCF has been working with researchers from Curtin University to review the direct, adverse effects of neuroleptic drugs (antipsychotics).

The resulting Critical Literature Review and accompanying booklet for consumers and carers is being launched by the NMHCCF and guest, Dr Niall McLaren at the 2017 TheMHS Conference.

Event: Critical Literature Review Launch
Location: Sydney Hilton Hotel, Level 3, Room 6
Date: Friday 1 September 2017
Time: 12.50pm – 1.30pm

This research project was initiated when the NMHCCF became concerned about the fact that many consumers and carers were unaware of the direct, adverse effects associated with neuroleptics and also the inconclusive nature of evidence underpinning their use. Throughout all areas of the literature examined, there was a distinct lack of lived experience engagement in terms of the impact of direct, adverse effects of neuroleptics on consumers.

The review shows that neuroleptics can have a short term role in personal recovery but as recovery is a unique, individual process, the role of the drugs will be different for each person. The document details the history of neuroleptic drugs, their efficacy, their long term use, prescribing practices, direct adverse effects and alternative responses to mental health issues.

Mental Health consumers, carers and clinicians are encouraged to read this Critical Literature Review in order to form a balanced viewpoint on the most effective and least harmful avenue to recovery.  The accompanying booklet for consumers and carers ‘What you may not know about antipsychotics’ is a useful guide for people taking antipsychotic drugs and their supporters. It provides information about antipsychotic drugs, how they work, the evidence base supporting their use, the risks they carry, and alternative responses to psychosis in order to promote informed decision making.

If you are registered to attend TheMHS there’s no need to RSVP for the launch. If you are in Sydney and not registered to attend TheMHS you can still attend the launch only by contacting Kathryn Sequoia, [email protected].