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Psychosocial Disability and the NDIS

30 November 2022

The National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum (NMHCCF) is the Disability Representative Organisation providing systemic advocacy in relation to psychosocial disability.

The term ‘psychosocial disability’ can mean different things to different people. The NMHCCF adopts the definition of a ‘psychosocial disability’ as descriptor for a disability experience which includes impairments and participation restrictions related to a person’s mental health condition. These impairments and restrictions may include reduced ability to function, think clearly, experience optimal health and manage the social and emotional aspects of their lives. As with other disabilities, the best outcome for people experiencing psychosocial disability will be achieved through access to supports that enhance their social and environmental opportunities to expand their capabilities. You can read more on the NMHCCF’s position statement on psychosocial disability here.

The recent announcement of the independent review of the NDIS offers the opportunity to improve operation of the scheme for participants living with primary psychosocial disability.

Read the full statement here: Psychosocial disability and the NDIS