What we do - Introduction

The NMHCCF purpose is to give mental health consumers and carers a united, national voice focused on creating a more responsive service system that will improve their quality of life.

To do this we:

Listen and learn

We seek input from our membership and learn about what is happening in mental health at national, state, territory and community levels.

Advocate and influence

We provide advocacy on mental health consumer and carer issues, through representation on key government committees and professional bodies, and through the media.

Research, document and disseminate

We research and prepare documentation such as submissions, advocacy briefs and position statements.  We produce and disseminate information and resources to our members and to other stakeholders at national, state, territory and community levels.

Network and partner

We facilitate networking opportunities for consumers and carers.  We participate in collaborations and partnerships with other groups who link with the NMHCCF goals and interests.

Share and support

We are involved in sector development activities such as consumer and carer training, capacity building and information exchanges.

The activities that we undertake on any given issue may include:

  • Preparing documentation such as position papers, submissions, policy statements, procedural documents, correspondence;
  • Advocacy and representation on bodies such as government committees and advisory groups, professional bodies and other consultative forums;
  • Lobbying of key decision makes including Australian, state and territory governments and professional bodies;
  • Conducting consultations with carers and consumer at all levels, eg surveys;
  • Facilitate networking opportunities, collaborations and partnerships involving consumers and carers and others.

We are funded for 2 face-to-face meetings and 2 teleconference meetings per year.