NMHCCF History

Originally known as the National Consumer and Carer Forum (NCCF),  this unique model was developed collaboratively in 2002 by peak consumer and carer groups and the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council Mental Health Standing Committee (AHMAC MHSC). The NMHCCF now reports directly to the Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Principal Committee (previously MHSC).

In November 2005, in order to reflect the specific mental health purpose of the NCCF and distinguish itself from other consumer and/or carer organisations within Australia, the NCCF changed its name to the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum (NMHCCF).

Mental Health Australia provides support and resources for the NMHCCF, which is funded through state/territory and Australian Government contributions.

In 2016/17, an independent evaluation of the NMHCCF was undertaken, at the request of the Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Principal Committee.

Craze Lateral Solutions were engaged to carry out this evaluation. The evaluation considered the entirety of the NMHCCF's acheivements within current resources, limitations and opportunities, and against the backdrop of a rapidly changing mental health policy and service landscape.

The evaluation included examination of the following elements:

  • NMHCCF membership and reporting lines; constituency connections
  • performance of the NMHCCF, including consideration of current funding
  • current auspice arrangement and contractual/funding agreements
  • governance and operational processes
  • resources - management of funding and staffing
  • collaboration and partnerships
  • effectiveness of promotion, publications and advocacy tools.