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How are members selected for the NMHCCF?

Members are nominated by the government from the jurisdiction if they are a State or Territory representative; the organisation they represent or the community group (ATSI, CALD) they represent.  Membership selection is not made by the NMHCCF.

How can I become a member?

The NMHCCF is a closed membership, reliant on nominations from jurisdictions, organisations and specialist communities.  Members are appointed under tenure.  Vacancies do arise from time to time.  If you are interested in becoming a member, investigate who the Liaison Officer is in your state/territory or organisation or community group and ask to be notified when there is a vacancy.

How are decisions made by the NMHCCF?

The NMHCCF works in a co-design and co-production framework.  All decisions made are considered by all members and voted upon.  A democratic system is enacted for decision making processes using a voting process by members.

How does the NMHCCF evidence their work?

Members bring to the NMHCCF their wealth of lived experience expertise and are expected to develop and draw upon their networks within their state/jurisdiction/organisation/specialty group to inform the position of the NMHCCF.  Occasionally the NMHCCF contracts specialists to assist with research and facilitation of projects.

How does the NMHCCF consult with the broader community?

Members are selected based on their networks, skills and experience.  It is expected that members will consult with the communities that they represent by ensuring they are liaising with State peaks or other relevant stakeholders, as well as, actively seeking the input of other people with lived experience in their jurisdiction or organisation.